The Power of Self-Awareness in Trading - Judy Vee

In a time where much of the market is fraught with panic, how do you leverage the power of self-awareness? How do you take a step back from fear and panic and scoop up the opportunities still available? In this episode of How to Trade It, I chat with Judy Vee about mindset, the belief systems we have, and how she got where she is today.

Judy launched ‘Tribe of Traders’ to work “with retail traders across the world to achieve consistent success” with the goal of building wealth. She works with entrepreneurs to become financially empowered and to achieve financial freedom. We discuss some of her strategies and tactics in this episode—check it out!

Judy Vee—from Tribe of Traders—shares how to leverage the power of #self-awareness in #trading in this episode of How To Trade It. Check it out! #stocks #StockMarket #Investing #DayTrading #StockPicks Click To Tweet

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You’ll want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • [1:04] Increasing self-awareness about your mindset.
  • [2:08] When Judy realized her mindset needed to shift.
  • [9:37] Analyze your triggers to change the root cause of emotion.
  • [13:07] How do we handle drawdowns in trading?
  • [23:40] We discuss the trading strategies that Judy uses.
  • [25:22] Is there a difference in performance during extreme conditions?
  • [30:14] Judy walks me through a EUR/GBP setup using one of her strategies.
  • [38:32] Check out Judy’s 7 Day Ninja Trading Challenge—linked below.

You have to remove the emotional entanglements

Judy didn’t have a traditional childhood—she was abused and banned from leaving her home for the first 20 years of her life. She had to educate herself and became fascinated by finance and economics. She broke free, left home, and got her first job in the sector as a trading accountant on a trading floor. She’s created many businesses throughout the years but 5 years ago decided to get back into trading Forex.

But she was self-admittedly falling off the rails and had become far too emotional about trading. She shares a personal story about how the loss of £50 on a trade turned her world upside down. She knew she couldn’t continue on the path she was following. She decided to apply a business mindset to trading—and it changed everything.

The power of self-awareness

Judy’s experience left her questioning what it is about trading that makes us let go of logic. What about trading is triggering emotional reactions? She saw a revealing pattern—that it’s all about mindset. Judie shares that you have to become self-aware of the root cause of the emotion, then find a way to trade that triggers those emotions less.

Judy also points out that most of us don’t become traders for the career—we do it to build wealth. We want to make money, right? In a conversation about drawdowns, Judy makes the point that they magnify our weaknesses and our belief systems about money. Many people have a poor relationship with money and don’t believe that they deserve wealth.

How important is self-awareness as a trader? Judy Vee shares her take in this episode of How To Trade It. #stocks #trading #StockMarket #Investing #DayTrading #StockPicks Click To Tweet

How you handle a drawdown is revealing

Judy’s rules are simple. You must build a strategy around building wealth and know the rules about your strategy. She works with her clients to analyze how many trades they need to make a month to hit their target. When you hit a drawdown, they work to reduce risk and then evaluate what the issues might be behind the drawdown.

Just believes that 99% of the time you can find the problem within yourself. It can be related to a few things. First, how do you feel about the rules and belief systems around your strategy? What about situational beliefs, influenced by triggers such as poor sleep or stress? And how about your innate beliefs—your perceptions of your self-worth? Judy recognizes that if you take a step back and self-reflect you can move back into a confident state and get out of the rut you’re in.

Judy’s trading strategy is built on simplicity

Judy believes that sticking to a simple strategy and cutting down the time spent trading relieves the stress and minimizes unhealthy emotional investment. She adopted a semi-automated strategy trading in a 4-hour timeframe drilled down to shorter trades. Two of her typical strategies include trend-based and momentum-based strategies. Judy has recognized that despite the economic crisis we’re in, the patterns are still the same. Movements and volatility is greater, but you can still trust your strategies.

In this episode, Judy walks me through a typical setup she would use in a EUR/GBP trade. She looks at a 4-hour timeframe and caps her risk at 30 pips a trade. She will look at a 15-minute chart using the 8 & 20 EMAs. She sets up two indicators—one when the 8 is hit and another shortly after, signaling that she should execute the trade. So when the EMAs flip the same direction as the trend, it confirms momentum, and she completes the trade.

Judy walks through the setup in detail in this episode. For more complete information and details about her strategy, listen now!

Judy Vee’s trading strategy is built on simplicity—but not in the way you think. Listen to this episode of How To Trade It as she shares her strategy and walks me through a typical setup. #stocks #trading #StockMarket #Investing #DayTrading… Click To Tweet

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