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Mindset and confidence with Agnieszka Wood

According to Agnieszka Wood, 80% of trading is having the right mindset. Trading psychology can have a huge influence on your performance as a trader, which is why it is important to address the make an active effort to protect yourself from common psychological hazards. How you coach yourself in your head leads to making the right decisions and being profitable. A trading mindset coach helps you develop the right mindset. Agnieszka set out to help traders develop the right mindset when she launched Ahead Coach. Her mission is to help traders become constantly profitable and trade independently. That’s where real freedom to achieve your dream is. Listen to this episode of How To Trade It to learn all about the key components of a trading mindset.

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You’ll want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • [0:51] What is a trading mindset coach?
  • [1:34] The key components of mindset.
  • [2:51] How to shift your beliefs.
  • [4:31] Become aware of your limiting beliefs.
  • [8:05] How to build self-confidence.
  • [10:36] The biggest obstacle Agnieszka faced.
  • [16:36] Find your trading niche + performance zone.
  • [21:36] What Agnieszka trades.
  • [22:07] Why mindset comes before strategy.
  • [24:07] Agnieszka’s trading program.

The key components of Trading Mindset

Agnieszka emphasizes that everything we do is based on what we believe. Our beliefs influence the perception of how we see the world—and the stock market. We filter every piece of information through what we believe is important. That distorts our vision and influences trading decisions.

Agnieszka doesn’t believe there are ideal traits for everyone. Every person is different and beliefs are based on life experiences. It isn’t about molding yourself into someone you’re not. Instead, it’s taking who you are and looking at your qualities to understand how they influence your decisions. It’s about understanding your strengths and weaknesses.

If you believe that you cannot be successful or that money never comes to you, it will influence how you make your decisions. You’ll make fear-based choices because you’re afraid of losing the money that you have. How do you shift your beliefs? By becoming aware of them.

Become aware of your limiting beliefs.

When you are aware, you can put attention on your beliefs and look at what influences you. Agnieszka says to watch the thinker in your head. What are you telling yourself? How do you talk to yourself? It influences your confidence greatly. If you tell yourself you’re stupid every time that you make a mistake, how can you be confident enough to take trades?

Confidence is a huge piece of success. People get into trading to achieve freedom and independence. But because of a lack of experience and confidence—and how difficult it is to make money—they end up following someone else. But when you are following someone else’s trades you are too late to the game. Secondly, you don’t build confidence.

Confidence is tied to your sense of identity and how you perceive yourself. Belief is created by habit. The moment you actually do something, you cannot say that you cannot do it. Then you repeat it over and over again and it becomes a habit. It becomes your belief because you’ve proved that something is possible. That is where confidence stems from.

Why is becoming aware of your limiting beliefs so important to find success as a trader? Agnieszka Wood shares her thoughts in this episode of How To Trade It! #stocks #stock #StockMarket #Investing #DayTrading #StockPicks Click To Tweet


The biggest obstacle Agnieszka faced

One of the biggest obstacles Agnieszka experienced was becoming consistent. She made the same mistakes over and over but couldn’t understand why it was happening. Her first two years of trading were making money and losing it over and over again. Why? She kept holding on to a loser.

She realized it was connected to her beliefs. She believed that she didn’t deserve to be successful. Her experience from her early years was that her success would hurt someone else. Therefore, she couldn’t enjoy success and began sabotaging her success. Her subconscious patterns were still at work. It was an emotional realization.

It takes courage to face what you don’t want to face. It’s one of the reasons why 90% of traders don’t succeed. Agnieszka notes that “You will be confronted with yourself on a level that you might have never imagined possible. All your fears will come to life and they will confront you sooner or later.” Not everyone is ready or willing to do this. But the truth is, you need to focus on yourself and your mindset before working through strategies.

Find your trading niche + performance zone

Finding your trading niche isn’t something that has to do with a setup or a strategy. It has to do with finding your performance zone. It is learning your traits and how you perform in life that you project into trading. Agnieszka firmly believes in the adage “If you believe in yourself, you can do anything.” Agnieszka analyzed strategies in other areas of her life and applied them to trading.

She started making money within two weeks. Her profit factor rose over three points (which means she made 3x more than her losses). The year after she doubled her account. She now averages 5x more than what her losses are. And it all started with changing her mindset. Learn more about Agnieszka’s confidence-building strategy and the coaching course that she offers by listening to the whole episode!

Why do you need to find your performance zone to choose your #trading niche? Find out from Agnieszka Wood in this episode of How To trade It! #stocks #stock #StockMarket #Investing #DayTrading #StockPicks Click To Tweet


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