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If you’ve ever wanted to diversify your investments by trying bitcoin, you are going to need a crash course in cryptocurrency. Today’s guest, Chris Dunn, is an expert in cryptocurrency trading. His company, Skill incubator, teaches people the necessary skills to be able to thrive in today’s changing economy. During this conversation, we talk about the future of Bitcoin, the best times to invest and how cryptocurrency is changing the global economic landscape. If you’ve been at all interested in learning more about bitcoin, then let this episode be your first crash course in cryptocurrency.

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Video Version of the Podcast

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:38] Chris Dunn gives his long term outlook on Bitcoin
  • [4:40] Is it time for the Bitcoin market to reset again?
  • [8:10] What makes cryptocurrency different from traditional currency
  • [11:11] What other financial experts are saying about the future value of Bitcoin
  • [15:00] Initial steps to investing in Bitcoin
  • [19:02] Redefining the ownership of capital
  • [23:00] How the security of Bitcoin works and where it is vulnerable
  • [26:27] The other types of cryptocurrencies and how Chris Dunn uses them
  • [30:54] The 5 major cryptocurrency market cycles

Resources & People Mentioned

Connect with Chris Dunn

Is Bitcoin a valid currency or a passing fad?

There is a wide diversity of opinion about the validity of cryptocurrency and, more specifically, Bitcoin. Many traditional investors are quick to contest its viability. However, Chris Dunn believes that if you do not adapt to this new economic reality, you will be left behind. He believes that bitcoin is here to stay. Despite the fact that Bitcoin is currently losing value, Chris says that it will eventually regain momentum. In the past, every time Bitcoin has seen a down market, it has always come back to surpass it’s previous highest value. According to Chris, investing in Bitcoin is a no-brainer.

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The potential advantages of cryptocurrency

If you want to know the difference between Bitcoin and traditional money, Chris suggests you look no further than your local bank. “If you want to get a good idea of how a bank respects you, walk up and say you want to withdraw $50,000 in cash. The looks that they’ll give you and the documents you have to fill out, it’s ridiculous.” He goes on to say that the great thing about Bitcoin is that it is a decentralized, borderless and global currency. Hear more about the advantages of Bitcoin throughout our conversation.

Is #Bitcoin a valid currency or a passing fad? That’s the question we set out to answer on this week’s #CashFlowHacking podcast with guest @ChrisDunnTV. Click To Tweet

The crash course in cryptocurrency that will challenge your perspective

During this crash course in cryptocurrency, Chris tells me how to get started with investing in Bitcoin. While it will take a little research, anyone can educate themselves enough to become a Bitcoin investor. Chris suggests taking small steps so that you can learn the process of owning and using cryptocurrency. He encourages first-time investors to buy enough that it won’t hurt if it goes to zero. During this episode, you can begin the process of learning about the power and opportunity that exists with cryptocurrency. As Chris shares his expertise, be prepared for your perspective to be disrupted.  

How ownership of capital may never look the same

Money is changing from something that used to be inherently valuable to something that is more of an application. No longer do you have to have stacks of physical bills to carry around large amounts of money. With cryptocurrency, everything is digital. This means that traveling with and exchanging money looks very different. Bitcoin is changing the definition of ownership over capital. Don’t miss this episode, as Chris Dunn predicts what the future holds for investing and wealth management.

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Connect With Casey

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This episode of #CashFlowHacking is your crash course in #cryptocurrency with @ChrisDunnTV. Prepare to have your perspective challenged as you learn from this conversation with @CaseyStubbs Click To Tweet