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Patrick Reid

Patrick Reid is a currency expert with over 15 years experience in trading FX and propriety desks. He has accepted a role as Visiting Lecturer at The University of Cambridge and is Co-Founder of The Adamis Principle which mentors traders at all levels. This outreach to less fortunate young people is a top priority for Patrick. During his career, he has mentored clients from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Credit Suisse. His passion to nurture and find talent in young people has led him to partner with The Youth Group and Jack Parsons, the UK’s chief youth officer. In this episode of How To Trade It, Patrick discusses the qualities he’s looking for in a good mentee, and the importance of focusing on things other than the amount of money you want to make. You don’t want to miss it! According to Patrick Reid, if the dollar is NOT reacting, that tells you more than if it is. Join us on this episode of How To Trade It to find out more! #Macros #Technicals #Trends #USMarket #Mentoring #TheAdamisPrinciple Click To Tweet

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You’ll want to hear this episode with Patrick Reid, if you are interested in…

  • [01:03] My background
  • [04:51] The trading desk made me cry
  • [07:11]  “Must try harder!”
  • [09:52] Learning from all those mistakes
  • [11:17] Don’t look at your P&L
  • [14:34] Adamis Principle
  • [16:13] A great place to be
  • [18:24] Qualities of a good mentee
  • [24:01] How I approach the markets
  • [29:41] Entering & exiting 
  • [32:19] Fade
  • [38:13] Deviation
  • [39:28] Building your data bank
  • [41:07] Macro strategy
  • [44:38] Getting emotional


The Trading Desk Made Me Cry

After 15 years with the BBC, at the age of 39, I quit my job and began an apprenticeship at a trading desk.  I was basically thrown into the deep end.  The first two weeks were brutal, and yes, at one point, I found myself in a restroom stall CRYING! For a moment, I wondered if I had made the biggest mistake of my life.  Then, I pulled myself together and got right back to it.  The first three months were just survival while I was learning about economics and price action. Eventually, I found success.  So I know what it takes to get started, how to persevere when it’s difficult, and also how to push others to learn the same things.  

Adamis Principle

At Adamis Principle, we mentor traders of all levels, but we are sure to vet them first.  While that may sound a little crazy, it’s important that the people seeking our help are good candidates that will be able to digest what we are teaching.  In order for people to be successful, we believe they must have the right trading DNA, so to speak. First, they must be curious…world class detectives, like Sherlock Holmes (or Columbo, for my American friends!)  A good trader always wants to learn and is teachable, no matter their age or stage. It doesn’t matter how much experience you’ve got, there is always someone that knows more!  Be humble enough to be teachable. And then basically, you’ve got to be nice.  It’s really that simple.    

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