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Trading Mentorship Mindset

How do you take advantage of a trading mentorship opportunity? What mindset do you need to embrace to learn the most you can from a mentor? Do you realize just how powerful a trading mentorship can be for your future? In this episode of How To Trade It, I lay out two important things. First, I share what mindset you NEED to embrace to be mentored. Secondly, I share how you can become my apprentice and take advantage of a mentorship opportunity. I’m looking for someone I can train and trust to facilitate my vision. If you’re looking to learn and grow as a person and a trader—this is the episode for you.

What is the mindset you need to embrace for a successful trading mentorship? Find out in this episode of How To Trade it—PLUS find out about my apprenticeship opportunity! #stocks #trading #StockMarket #Investing #DayTrading #StockPicks #mindset… Click To Tweet


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You’ll want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • [1:14] The vision I have for my business.
  • [1:48] The power of a trading mentorship.
  • [2:49] Learning to maintain a teachable attitude.
  • [10:14] Surrounding yourself with great people.
  • [10:59] A mentor that can turn into a friend.
  • [12:33] Why I’m ready for an apprentice.
  • [13:40] The qualities that I’m looking for in an apprentice.
  • [19:00] Action steps you can take to apply.

The power of a trading mentorship

To be a good mentor you need to have served as an apprentice. You need to learn from the people who go before you—the obstacles and pitfalls they’ve faced and the dangers they’ve overcome. It’s a huge benefit. They can tell you so much that you don’t know without you having to experience it yourself. The older we get and the more that we learn the more we have to share.

The highest achievers—the people that make it to THE next level—have great people around them. If you’re going to try and make it in trading, you need to be around other successful traders. Make sure you’re influenced by the successful people around you. The value of a trading mentorship is unmatched. You can’t put a price tag on what you can learn from a good mentor.

How do you succeed in a mentorship?

You have to acknowledge that everyone has faults—including your mentor. I’ve seen so many failed mentorships because people justify not listening to their mentors because they aren’t perfect. When you get to know people, you begin to see their faults. Don’t let that cloud your judgment. They have a lot of experience that you don’t. You’re there to learn a valuable skill from them that they are successful at—even if they have some flaws. Plus, they’ve learned how to be successful traders when you haven’t. That brings me to my first point:

The #1 key to the success of a trading mentorship is your ability to maintain a teachable attitude. It’s impossible to be mentored if you do not have a teachable heart. You have to be able to receive feedback. You need to learn what you’re doing wrong, how to fix it, and be willing to be held accountable. Be hungry to learn and hungry to identify your faults. Find someone with experience who can point out your blind spots and help you work through them.

There will be times where you won’t want to receive feedback. You NEED to be open to the idea that you might not be correct. Receive the feedback, take time to evaluate it, and dig deep on your root issues. If you can’t do that—you won’t grow. You have to trim out the dead branches to leave room for growth. A mentor will be there to help you cut those dead branches out.

How do you succeed in a #mentorship? How do you make the most of the opportunity? Find out in this episode of How To Trade It! #stocks #trading #StockMarket #Investing #DayTrading #StockPicks #mindset #Mentor #mentorship Click To Tweet


The qualities I’m looking for in an apprentice

This is a tremendous trading mentorship opportunity and it WILL cost you something to do this. You WILL learn to become a successful trader. You WILL make money. But I want to train someone so that person can help others become successful at trading. You have to learn that it’s about what you’ll be able to give—not what you’re getting. So what am I looking for in an apprentice?

  • You need a heart to help others and want to give back
  • I don’t look at education—I don’t care
  • I don’t care about experience. If you have it, great.
  • You have to be hard-working and willing to do what needs to be done
  • You have to be teachable—learn, do, teach
  • You have to be willing to learn how to speak
  • Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone
  • Be a person of complete integrity

If this sounds like something you want to do, there are some action steps I’ll need you to take. It will disqualify the people who aren’t a good fit. If you aren’t willing to jump through a few hoops, you won’t be able to do this.

There will be a lot of people that want trading mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities—but most people won’t want to do the work that is required. That’s why most traders and business people aren’t successful. They don’t want to put in the hard work that is required for success. If you’re willing to put in more work, move on to the action steps outlined below.

Action steps to take advantage of this trading mentorship + apprenticeship

These are the steps you HAVE to take to move forward:

  1. Fill out the form that is linked below!
  2. Sign up to take the class I’m about to launch (you’ll have to invest $197).
  3. Leave a 5-star review on iTunes for the How To Trade It podcast.

Even if you aren’t chosen to be my apprentice, you’ll learn a ton in the class that will help you become a profitable trainer. It is well worth the monetary investment. Throughout the class, I’ll ask you to do specific tasks. I’m interested in what you’ll do—not what you’ll say. So do what I ask of you in the class and follow all of my instructions. After that, I’ll have it narrowed down to a small number of candidates and will have some final action steps from there.

To learn more about the opportunity and how to find success with a mentor, listen to the whole episode!

Heads up! I’m looking for an apprentice! If you’re interested, listen to this episode of How To Trade It for the details! #stocks #trading #StockMarket #Investing #DayTrading #StockPicks #mindset #Mentor #mentorship Click To Tweet


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