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Cameron Bennion

Cameron Bennion has been investing in the stock market since he was 16 after placing first in a stock market challenge at his high school. He had plans to go into medicine because he thought becoming a doctor was the way to financial freedom. His goal was to learn more about stocks so he could turn his future salary into a retirement fund.

But his college roommate introduced him to door-to-door sales. It was 100% commission, but even those who sucked at it made money. He made $68,000 his first summer selling. It was the launching pad he needed to get serious about trading. But Cameron knew sales weren’t scalable like the stock market. You can use your mind to create unlimited wealth in the stock market.

At only 29-years-old, Cameron Bennion has found great success with trading and mentoring others. Learn all about his mindset in this episode of How To Trade It.

How did Cameron Bennion go from doctor-to-be to full-time #trading? He shares his story in this episode of How To Trade It! #stocks #stock #trading #StockMarket #Investing #DayTrading #StockPicks Click To Tweet

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You’ll want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • [0:56] Who is Cameron Bennion?
  • [3:25] How Cameron learned about the stock market
  • [5:48] Why Young Money Investments?
  • [7:53] The payout of door-to-door sales
  • [14:01] Cameron’s futures trading
  • [16:22] Humility and confidence go hand-in-hand
  • [21:39] Rising up from the ashes of your failures
  • [36:25] Find your fire and fan the flames
  • [47:59] Learn more about Young Money Investments

Humility and confidence go hand-in-hand

Most people walk into trading thinking that they’re smarter than they really are. It’s humbled Cameron. He wishes he could go back and tell his younger self that it’s not just about being smart. You have to grind. Life can beat the crap out of you. You deal with rude awakenings that leave you humbled. It’s why so many successful people are pretty humble.

He also learned that greed and fear drive the markets. The markets don’t care that you have bills to pay. They don’t care if you’re spending your last red cent. They can humble you if you’re not careful. But you also have to believe you’re good at what you do. You have to wake up confident in the pattern you’re trading, the setups you see, and the choices you make.

Risk management + managing emotions is key

Cameron met someone who was 22 who took $10,000 and leveraged it with $20,000 in credit card debt. He started shorting penny stocks and made $750,000 over 6 months. He took a $1.4 million short on Dropbox and made $122,000 in one day. Cameron admits that he was jealous. How was this guy making hundreds of thousands in mere days?

But then his friend started losing. Eventually, he lost it all. Then he moved to futures. Cameron watched him go from $10,000 to $500,000 in two weeks. But he lost it all again. It’s how Cameron learned that risk management trumps everything else.

You have to have a gameplan. You need to map out the trade before you get in. Where is your entry? If it doesn’t hit that point, you don’t buy in. What is your target profit? What is your stop loss? You have to stick to it. Consistency and discipline are key. You will always lose more when you make emotional trades.

Why is #RiskManagement + managing your emotions key to becoming a successful trader? Cameron Bennion shares WHY in this episode of How To Trade It! #stocks #stock #trading #StockMarket #Investing #DayTrading #StockPicks #Humility #Confidence Click To Tweet

Rising up from the ashes of your failures

Cameron has also learned that you can’t let the emotional roller coaster that is trading destroy you. The weight of failure and shame is hard to rise up from. Life doesn’t get easier. There are periods where you win and appreciate life, but the challenges never stop. Even when things are going good, he encourages you to use that opportunity to prepare for the difficult times. Life goes faster than you think.

Find your passion—and fan the flames

Cameron always thought education was the key to financial freedom. Transitioning away from the idea of being a doctor to full-time trading took him a while. His big regret is not believing in himself sooner. He didn’t want to take risks. He wanted to play it safe.

A lot of people who choose not to go to college are treated like the black sheep of the family. It can be hard. But at the end of the day, it’s your life. Self-fulfillment comes after not caring what people think. If you fail, who cares. You will eventually find something in your life that you love so much that you don’t care what anyone else thinks. That’s what trading means to Cameron. He wants to win the game and see how far he can go or progress. He wants to push the limits of what he can do.

Most people don’t believe they have a fire inside them. Cameron Bennion believes everyone has that fire, but it’s often buried. It’s buried under insecurity. It’s buried under self-doubt. It’s buried under emotional baggage. Cameron can work for 21 hours straight because he loves what he does. He’s willing to grind. How much are you willing to put into it? You will find that fire—you just have to believe that you have it.

I want to challenge listeners: Where is your passion level at? If you know, keep fanning the flame. If you’re unsure, work to find where your fire is. Take action—even if it’s just baby steps. The more you delay, the more stifled you will be.

Cameron Bennion shares why you must find your passion—and fan the flames—in this episode of How To Trade It. Don’t miss this unique take on the #trading journey! #stocks #stock #StockMarket #Investing #DayTrading #StockPicks #Humility #Confidence… Click To Tweet

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