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My guest on this episode loves to travel – which is a significant part of what defines lifestyle freedom for him. Etienne Crete has built multiple streams of income – his primary source being FOREX trading. These streams enable him to go where he wants to go, enjoy different cultures and meet new people, and not have to worry about a time schedule or the demands of a boss. In this conversation, we walk about how Etienne got started with trading, what lifestyle freedom really means to him, and why multiple streams of income, built through persistence and consistency, are the best way to set yourself up for your own version of freedom.

Hear how @desiretotrade created #Lifestyle freedom through #FOREX trading, on this episode of the #CashflowHackingPodcast with @CaseyStubbs. Click To Tweet

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Video Version of the Podcast

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:03] Who is Etienne Crete and why is he on this episode of the show?
  • [1:46] How Etienne came to be determined that he would be free of a job
  • [4:23] Lessons learned from his podcast – applying them to his own trading
  • [5:03] The power of automation for doing more than one thing at a time
  • [7:10] Missing trades because of his travel schedule, solving the problem
  • [10:42] Is Etienne’s ability to profit limited by his travel schedule?
  • [13:49] Adding streams of income and stepping out of his fixed job
  • [17:45] The things that challenge Etienne and bring him joy in his new lifestyle
  • [20:50] What you can expect to learn from Etienne’s Trading Academy

Resources & People Mentioned

Connect with Etienne Crete

The desire for lifestyle freedom grows when you see how dependent you are

Etienne Crete was on a trip to China when he saw first-hand how oppressive and life-draining a regular job could be. The people there seemed to eat, drink, and sleep a lifestyle of work, with hardly any time to themselves or to pursue things they loved. It was at that moment that Etienne realized he needed to do whatever was necessary to get out of his place as someone else’s employee. Now, he enjoys the lifestyle freedom he wants due to the hard work he’s put in to make that commitment to himself a reality. You’ll hear his story on this episode.

The desire for #lifestyle freedom grows when you see how dependent you are. Hear how @desiretotrade threw off the shackles of his J-O-B on this episode of #CashflowHackingPodcast with @CaseyStubbs. Click To Tweet

Don’t let temporary disappointments or setbacks keep you from climbing higher

When Etienne decided he was going to pursue FOREX trading he knew there would be difficulties. It’s not easy to learn how to navigate the complicated terms and skills of the trading world, even though movies like “Wolf of Wall Street” make it look glamorous. He made his share of mistakes at the beginning, losing money to learn his craft. But you won’t hear Etienne complaining about the money he lost. To him, it was all part of the tuition he had to pay in order to become successful.

Lifestyle freedom costs Etienne money, but he’s willing to make that trade

FOREX trading is not something that happens on your schedule. You’ve got to be watching the markets, noticing the motion of stocks that happen throughout the day, and making decisions on the spot. Etienne’s travel lifestyle didn’t allow him to watch the markets as carefully as he needed to in order to make the most of his trading business. But he decided all he could do was put basic automation in place and do the trading when he was able. Why? Because the lifestyle freedom he enjoys is important enough to sacrifice the extra profits he could make from always being online. Learn how he came to this decision on this episode.

#Lifestyle freedom costs @desiretotrade #money, but he’s willing to make that trade. Learn why on this episode of #CashflowHackingPodcast with @CaseyStubbs. Click To Tweet

Multiple streams of income are incredibly advantageous when creating lifestyle freedom

FOREX trading is not the only means of producing income Etienne has in place at this point in his life. He’s used his experience as a trader to start a podcast which now generates revenue. He’s also created a trading academy featuring many different professional traders. It teaches others how to become successful at trading. Etienne wants multiple streams of income simply because it makes his life more secure. If one source dries up, the others are still in place. Hear how Etienne made it happen, step by step over time, on this episode.

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Don’t let temporary disappointments or #setbacks keep you from #success. Hear how @desiretotrade learned #FOREX trading to get out of the rat race, on this episode of #CashflowHackingPodcast with @CaseyStubbs. Click To Tweet Multiple streams of #income are incredibly advantageous when creating #lifestyle freedom. Learn how to do it using #FOREX trading from @desiretotrade and @CaseyStubbs on this episode of the #CashflowHackingPodcast. Click To Tweet