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There are a lot of different options you can choose from when creating your cash flow plan. There are so many in fact that sometimes it gets overwhelming trying to sort through all the different ideas and opportunities that are available. The guests on this show bring the best suggestions and strategies that have worked for them. After hearing their stories, you may find yourself feeling inspired, but unsure of what the first step looks like. In this episode, I take us back to square one of money management to show you find out exactly where to start. Listen now to learn the four steps that will create a cash flow plan that works for you. a cash flow plan that works for you.

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Video Version of the Podcast

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:45] The first step in successful money management
  • [3:00] Learn why “if I only had more money” is a problem solving myth
  • [4:45] The second step in healthy money management
  • [7:05] Find out the truth about lifestyle upgrades
  • [9:05] The third step in wise money management
  • [11:30] Casey’s extra investment step that makes the difference
  • [13:44] Step four of long term money management
  • [15:10] A special message for the young investor
  • [18:40] The four steps to successful money management in review

The first step to wise money management is to create a budget

The money management practices you develop for your current budget will be the same ones you use when your cash flow plan grows your income. If you have established poor practices they will carry over and make it difficult to grow your cash flow and maintain that growth. The good news is that if you develop wise practices from the start the benefits of those practices will also follow you as your income grows. If you want to see what your life could be like with a solid cash flow plan then you should listen to this episode today.

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Second, spend less money than you make

I am married with nine children. So, I understand that it can be difficult to plan for all the expenses that come up in life. It has taken practice and planning to create a cash flow plan that meets all of my family’s needs. Along the way, I have learned about what investments are worth making. This one rule in specific helps me to assess when it is time to invest, when it is time to save, and when it is time to make consumer purchases. Today I still use this rule to improve my cash flow plan. Listen to this episode now to learn how to stabilize your finances today.

Third, save what you do not spend

Investing is an important part of any cash flow plan, but how do you get to the place where you have enough money set aside to invest? Saving money sounds like a simple process but is harder in practice than we would like it to be. In this episode, I share my foundational strategies for saving and how you can use them too. I also talk about a type of investing that is not as widely discussed: giving. Listen to this episode to find out why giving is just as important as saving when it comes to building a successful cash flow plan.

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Finally, repeat the process

In every phase of our lives, there is going to be reasons not to take the time to create a solid investment plan. When we are young it is because we have so much life to live and we want to live the best one possible. As we near the end of our lives we may think that there is not enough time left to make investing worthwhile. No matter how young or old you are there is an investment plan that will benefit you. The foundational steps to financial success covered in this episode apply to any age. Listen to this episode today to improve your cash flow whether you have $100 or $1,000,000.

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